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What is Free Reformed?

We call ourselves the “Free Reformed Church of Rockingham.” Like most names, it means something. The word “church” comes from the Greek (kuriakos) which means “belonging to the Lord.” By calling ourself “church” we profess to be an assembly of believers who have been purchased with the precious blood of Christ, and who now belong, with body and soul, to our faithful Saviour Jesus Christ

Reformer John Calvin

The word “Reformed” means “brought back to the original form.” During the Dark Ages the Church departed from the doctrine of Holy Scripture and from the scriptural form of Church government. In the sixteenth century the Church was restored to its original form by the men of the “Great Reformation,” such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, Huldreich Zwingli, John Knox and many others. By calling ourselves “Reformed,” we indicate our desire to maintain the pure doctrine of God’s Word as delivered by the apostles and the early Church fathers, and as rediscovered by the men of the Reformation. In English speaking countries, these Reformed Churches became known as ‘Presbyterian’. In continental Europe the name ‘Reformed’ is maintained.

The word “Free” indicates our desire to remain free from the hierarchy of broader church assemblies. We honour the position of the local church as the only ecclesiastical assembly which has received authority from Christ, and which answers to Christ alone. Because we are convinced of the need for mutual support, we belong to a federation of churches. In order to maintain unity in this federation, we promise to submit to all decisions made in the broader assemblies which agree with the Word of God and the Church Order (system of church government).