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Services Information

Worship Services are held every Sunday at 9.30am and 3.30pm. We also have special services on New Years Eve, Good Friday, Ascension Day and Christmas.

During our Services we listen to the Law of God summarised in the 10 Commandments, sing Psalms and Hymns, Speak to God in Prayer, read from His Word, the Bible and listen to an exposition of that word (Sermon) from our Pastor and give monetary offerings for different needs. 

We use the New King James Version of the Bible during the Worship Service. We also use the Book of Praise which contains our Psalms, Hymns and other Liturgical Forms

Here is the general Order of Worship for the Morning Service:

  1. Votum & Salutation (Statement of dependence on God and Greeting)
  2. Psalm/Hymn Singing
  3. Reading of the Law
  4. Psalm/Hymn Singing
  5. Prayer (confession of sins and opening of the Word)
  6. Diaconal Collection
  7. Psalm/Hymn Singing
  8. Reading of Scripture
  9. Psalm/Hymn Singing
  10. Reading of Bible Text (Focus for the Sermon).
  11. Sermon
  12. Psalm/Hymn Singing
  13. Pastoral Prayer
  14. Psalm/Hymn Singing
  15. Benediction (Blessing)

Book of Praise Downloads

Book of Praise 2014 (Canadian BoP)

The version recommended by Synod Baldivis

You can purchase a digital version of the BoP here.

Church order of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia